Jack Woodward

Photos by me and possibly other people.

My work is about having child like fun and manipulating the space around me because as an adult we can play because we want to that isn't allowed and there are so many things were not allowed to do. I don't like the general format that everything seems to have, like how photos and videos must be high res and art must be crafted from the highest quality materials while anything imperfect or low quality is shunned, but it all breaks and nothing lasts forever. This is why I create work that brings a sense of fun and an intentionally shitness or a conventionally challenging feel to the work. Typically what every i do whether it be paint sculpt or write i put everything into is so that it becomes me. When i'm with the work it comes to life so you get mad explosions and tangents, you get mess. When i'm not there you get static installation that can be interacted with, played with and mess. My work is not shabby chic but purposefully challenging of what we consider as art.